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Spirit of Netball Awards



Dear Netballers in Nottinghamshire,

Nottinghamshire Netball’s Spirit of Netball Awards 2019 is now open for nominations. Please find below a list of the individual awards and criteria along with a nomination form. Nominations are open to England Netball affiliated individuals, affiliated clubs, affiliated schools and other affiliated organisations within Nottinghamshire.

Please show your volunteers/club/teachers that you care about and value what they do for you by nominating them for an award. We have a wealth of talented people out there who give so much of their time to netball – they are all worthy of recognition and without them we couldn’t really function so well as a sport.

The closing date for receipt of nominations is Friday 1st February 2019. Details of where to send your completed nominations are given on the nomination form.

The names of the winners will be announced at the Nottinghamshire Netball Clubs’ meeting on Wednesday March 20th 2019. 

I look forward to receiving your nominations (preferably lots of them, please!).

Please note that the application process for the East Midlands and England Netball Goalden Globes (GG) Awards will be launched in mid-December 2018 and will close on 13th March 2019. In previous years, all of the Nottinghamshire Spirit of Netball Award nominations have been used to submit nominations for the GG Awards. Unfortunately, the shortened timescales for this year will not allow me to complete the nominations in time for the 13th March closing date. Clubs and schools are asked, therefore, to complete and submit their own nominations for the 2019 EN and EM Goalden Globes Awards direct to East Midlands Regional Netball Association or to England Netball.     

Anne Henderson
NCNA Co Vice-Chair