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Nottinghamshire County Netball Mentoring Programme

Information update – September 2019

The current programme was introduced in 2014 to help and support any official working towards a Netball Europe umpire qualification.

Working towards C award

Having attended a C award umpire course which has been arranged by Nottinghamshire all learners from within the county will be advised who their mentor is. They MUST officiate their first 2 league fixtures (lowest division only) with their mentor who will then
  • either sign off the umpire as competent to officiate independently
  • or recommend further mentoring session/s to work on developing the required umpiring skills and / or knowledge.

Having been signed off, umpires should continue to work with their mentor to ensure the best chance of gaining the C award within 2 years of the course.

Anyone attending a Notts course whose membership of EN is through another county will be referred to their own County Umpiring Secretary for on-going support.

Working towards B award

Having attended a B award course, all county umpires are offered a choice of mentor from Nottinghamshire. They may also receive mentoring by regional personnel at regional league division 2 games once they have passed the written A/B paper.

Mentors in Nottinghamshire

We currently have 8 mentors in the county :

Sue Hunter (formerly Collin), Anne Henderson, Stef Pritchard, Carolyn Robinson, Patricia Codner, Jane Morrell, Pam Weatherby and Vicki Ashman.

Any experienced C award (or above) umpire who is interested in becoming a mentor should contact the County Umpiring Secretary. No previous experience is required but C* status is required. You will be offered training and support to suit your needs.

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