Nottingham Netball Association
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Umpires' Responsibilities


  • Check the court and complete a pre-match checklist sheet.
  • Check BOTH scorecards are fully completed i.e.names of up to 12 players with affiliation numbers.
  • Check players’ nails, jewellery, playing uniforms.
  • Check the match ball.
  • Ensure everyone knows who is timekeeping and advise scorers where to stand.
  • Ensure the game starts at the correct time and that you are familiar with late arrivals procedures covering individuals, teams and umpires.
  • Ensure the team benches are in the designated areas.
  • Ensure YOU are wearing appropriate clothing, have the necessary equipment and are fit enough to keep pace throughout the match

  • Know the rules and apply them consistently and impartially, supporting decisions with hand signals wherever possible.
  • After each goal, call and INDICATE the centre pass.
  • Work closely with the other umpire and be ready to take a toss up in the other umpire’s half if requested.
  • Be ready to make a decision in the other umpire’s half IF AN APPEAL IS MADE BY THAT UMPIRE.
  • Use the correct terminology for infringements.
  • Be clear about from where the penalty/ free pass is to be taken – reinforce with hand signals.
  • If you do not agree with the other umpire’s direction of centre pass, stop the game IMMEDIATELY, following the correct procedures and restart the game as soon as possible, again following the correct procedures. Refer to scorers if necessary.
  • Deal with injury, illness, substitution and team changes according to the rules.
  • Ensure that all stoppages are timed and that correct procedures are followed.
  • Ensure that all intervals between quarters are timed correctly.

  • Endorse the score card with any necessary information (eg name of team which arrived late etc).
  • Print your name on both scorecards.
  • Ensure team captains and all scorers endorse both scorecards by printing their names.
  • Be prepared to write a report of the game if appealed to by League Secretary or Umpiring Secretary.
  • Be prepared to clarify any rule if asked by a team captain