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Safeguarding / Duty of Care Regarding U18 Umpires

Updated November 2013

Following a recent committee meeting and National updates, Nottinghamshire Netball Association recommend that all clubs with qualified or novice umpires who are under 18 put these measures for safeguarding into place with immediate effect :

  • In line with England Netball guidelines, umpires under the age of 16 should not officiate adult fixtures.
  • When umpiring senior league fixtures, 16 to 18 year old qualified or novice umpires should be accompanied by a suitable adult throughout the game.
  • Suitable adults should not be the umpire’s parent but could be a club representative or a mentor. Please note that novice umpires are allocated a mentor whose role is to observe at pre-agreed dates depending on individual progress so they should not be expected to support on a weekly basis!
  • Mentors will usually move around the outside of the court. Any other umpire support will be expected to remain either on the team bench or with the scorers as instructed by both umpires prior to the start of the game.
  • The role of any support personnel is for safeguarding purposes only. These personnel (with the possible exception of an allocated mentor) should not have any direct influence on umpires’ decisions during the game.