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Winter League 2019-20

Notts Netball Association Winter League is an outdoor league that typically runs from September to March. All matches are played on Saturdays at Nottingham University Samworth Academy (NUSA).

Fixures and Results can be found below.

NNA rule reminders

  • No photography with out written permission from the League Secretary
  • All players must be paid-up members of England Netball
  • All umpires must have attended an Umpires forum THIS SEASON before they can umpire league matches

Venue reminders

  • No dogs on site please
  • No smoking on site please (this includes e-cigarettes)
  • No spectators inside the wire - this includes children
  • No parking on the grass, paths or in the disabled bays
  • Please take your litter away or put it in the bin



Nottingham University Samworth Academy
Bramhall Road



Winter League Results Archive