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27 July 2020

To all Nottinghamshire Club Secretaries,

Below is a form for you to express interest in the Notts Netball Saturday and Sunday Winter Leagues played at NUSA. At the moment it is not clear when we shall be able to return to competition as it will depend on when England Netball can persuade the Government that it is safe for netball to return to group training involving a netball and marking!

However we are keen to begin arrangements for the Winter Leagues so that when the opportunity arises, we are ready. It is to be hoped that NUSA will be able to reopen the courts in September, though we don't know this yet, but there will doubtless be risk assessments to be carried out and arrangements to be made to allow some form of social distancing so things may not be straight forward. It is also not clear whether we shall be able to resume in September or have to wait until October or even January. Clearly there will be a gap of perhaps 6 weeks between being able to train at club level and being able to resume competition.

If you could fill in the form and return it to me that would be very useful. Clearly some clubs may be reluctant to return until they feel that the situation is safe but we need to have some idea of numbers so that we can be ready.

Keep fit and safe,

Latest Covid-19 Updates

10th July 2020

NCNA notice about the re-opening of leisure centres in England from 25th July:

On the 9th July, Government announced the re-opening of leisure centres in England from Saturday 25th July. NCNA is currently awaiting an announcement from England Netball about what this means for our sport in line with their Roadmap for recovery. Until we know more, NCNA is advising all Nottinghamshire member clubs, schools, colleges and universities to follow the current guidelines from England Netball. The Roadmap has been published widely and is available on the England Netball website -

Update from NCNA on England Netball's response to the opening of leisure centres from 25th July:

Please see the latest announcement from England Netball dated 10th July 2020 about our return to the court -

27th June 2020

England Netball’s likely roadmap for the return of community netball. Click here to read more.

26th June 2020
England Netball | COVID-19 Safeguarding Update

From the 1st July 2020 England Netball’s DBS service will resume to enable coaches, volunteers and others operating within regulated activity to complete the process to obtain a DBS certificate. You will be able apply in the normal manner, however, due to social distancing measures it is necessary to implement changes to the ID checking process. All applicants will be required to have their ID check completed through the post office. Unfortunately face to face ID verification will not resume for the time being until further notice. Click here to read more.

Online CPD Opportunities

Mental Health Awareness for Sport and Physical Activity
UK coaching have announced today that all coaches in the UK can access the Mental Health Awareness for Sport and Physical Activity course for FREE as part of mental health awareness week. Click here for more information.

Keeping Children Safe Online
NSPCC and the Child Protection in Sport Unit are urging parents to ensure that children are safe online as they spend more time accessing the internet and online apps such as Zoom. Click here for more information.

Safeguarding and Protecting Children
UK coaching now have a virtual Safeguarding and Protecting Children course that is free to access during Covid-19. So if anyone is due for renewal or has coaches who need to update, it's worth accessing that whilst the opportunity is there. Click here for more information.

Loughborough Lightning Performance Analysis
Loughborough Lightning are running a FREE Coaches CPD opportunity online. This a great opportunity to work on Performance Analysis skills. Click here for more information.

Investment Fund

The investment fund is available to netball clubs which are Nottinghamshire Netball Association members. Each club is able to claim up to a total of £300 per year to help cover the costs of members attending:

  • UKCC Level 1 coaching courses and assessments;
  • Into Officiating and C Award officiating courses and assessments; or
  • Generic courses benefiting netball in the county.

Click here for more information.

This Girl Can

This Girl Can is a nationwide campaign to get women and girls moving, regardless of shape, size and ability. Click here to read more about this fantastic campaign and use hashtag #thisgirlcan to join the conversation on Twitter.

Click here to discover netball as part of this campaign.

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Find yourself a club for the upcoming season 2019-20

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